29 Feb – 1 Mar 2024
​Extrusion R&D Centre
Kanaalweg 102 | Potchefstroom | South Africa | 2520
​R9500 pp (ex vat)


High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC) is used to process functional protein ingredients into meat-like textures – that is, used to make “Meat Analogues”. It is a specialised application of extrusion technology. While not, in itself, a “new” process, it is only recently that it has started to become more widely used commercially, at a time when the vegetarian and vegan markets are expanding rapidly, and there is increasing concern over the environmental sustainability of continued widespread consumption of animal products.

Dry TVP produced by low-moisture extrusion cooking (LMEC) has been used as a meat substitute or extender for many years. It uses similar protein sources to HMEC but in the form of lower-cost defatted flours, rather than isolates or concentrates


The program starts by introducing extrusion technology in general, but moves quickly to consideration of the ingredients used for plant-based protein extrusion. Explanation of the protein reactions required to cause texturisation alternates with presentation of the conditions required in the extruder and how to achieve those conditions.


To demonstrate the theory, two practical demonstrations will be shown. On Day 1 a demonstration of basic plant-based protein extrusion technology will take place. On Day 2 demonstrations will show how adjusting conditions in the barrel can be used to modify and control the texture.​

Who should attend?

This program provides value to those planning or running extrusion operations – from engineers, managers and line supervisors, to extruder operators. Note that many topics are quite technical in nature, but we start from basics, assuming no prior knowledge, so that participants can take understanding at a level appropriate to their requirements.

Day 1:

​The foundations

Principles of extruder configuration
Protein chemistry & transformations
Ingredients for TVP & HMEC
TVP & HMEC – The basics
The role of rheology in extrusion processing
Optimal screw profiles
Extrusion trial #1 – TVP demonstration (At CFAM’s R&D facility)

Day 2:

​​Processing operations

Texture analysis
A cooling die heat transfer coefficient
A cooking viscometers
HMEC cooling die design
HMEC process optimization
Post processing operations 
Extrusion trial #2 – HMEC demonstration (At CFAM’s R&D facility)


​R12 500 per person. (ex vat)
​A 5% discount applies for three or more course registrations received together from the same company.

​The registration fee includes handout notes directly related to the presentations.

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Course presenter

The main presenter is Mr Dennis Forte, a chemical engineer with extensive experience in extrusion processing and die design, including breakfast cereals, extruded snacks, pasta, and confectionery. Dennis has worked with a wide variety of companies using extrusion technology.