4-7 March 2025
Extrusion R&D Centre
Kanaalweg 102 | Potchefstroom | South Africa | 2520
R12 500pp (ex vat)


This 4-day course focus on the practical aspects of engineering, management and operation of extrusion plants. It covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes, the formulation of extruded products and how to properly maintain and operate an extrusion plant. Principles learned will be demonstrated using the CFAM pilot plant facility.

The program is relevant to the production of all types of extruded products – e.g. expanded snacks and breakfast cereals, pastas and third generation snack pellets, pet foods and aqua feeds. The course applies to both single and twin screw extrusion technology.

We take the approach of presenting the theory of how the extrusion process works – but with a practical focus, relating it to typical extrusion processes This understanding not only assists the planning and engineering of extrusion lines, and the formulation of extruded products, but provides a basis for managers and operators in the running of extrusion plants.


The aim of this course is to give trainees practical knowledge on engineering, management and operation of extrusion plants.


The objectives are the following:

To get a proper understanding on how operating parameters i.e. screw speed, feed rate, temperatures, water addition, steam addition, etc. influence the performance of extruders

To illustrate the effect of raw materials and ingredients i.e. starch, protein, fat, sugar, fibres, etc. on the performance of extruders

How to properly maintain and operate an extrusion plant for optimal functioning i.e. maintenance schedules, condition monitoring, start-up and shut-down sequences, emergency recovery, etc.


R14 500 per person. (ex vat)
A 5% discount applies for three or more course registrations received together from the same company.

The registration fee includes handout notes directly related to the presentations.

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Course presenter

The main presenter is Mr Dennis Forte, a chemical engineer with extensive experience in extrusion processing and die design, including breakfast cereals, extruded snacks, pasta, and confectionery. Dennis has worked with a wide variety of companies using extrusion technology.