The ever-increasing global population is directly related to the ever-increasing demand for food production. Food security is a topic that is actively discussed by all international bodies as well as individual states.
As a result, food and feed producers are constantly on the lookout for better production methods to reduce costs while increasing production. Additionally, climate change also makes production more challenging, triggering an increase in feed commodities prices like wheat and soy.
Extrusion is frequently used as a way to reduce the production costs of feed.

What is feed extrusion?
Extrusion is a revolutionary process that has been around for over 50 years. In the simplest terms, it’s a hypothermal treatment method in which the extruder shapes the compound feed into granules which are then dried, coated, and cooled.

You can find variou kinds of extruding equipment. It usually consists of one large screw or multiple screws that rotate to push feed through an opening while creating a high temperature environment in the barrel.

How does it help improve efficiency?
Extrusion uses high temperatures and less time which means it is essentially minimizing nutrient loss. Through this process, the food is compressed and cooked, making the starches and proteins easier to digest.

Extruded feed is higher in quality due to several factors and characteristics. For instance, its buoyancy can be controlled, which gives it stability in water for up to 36 hours at times while the nutrients remain uncompromised. Additionally, the extruded feed comes with lower pollution and a high conversion rate.

Using a high-quality product like extruded feed results in lower costs and higher profits.

Extrusion equipment for your business
There has been a lot of research and development when it comes to food extrusion technology. The latest products have great automation and are energy efficient. They help to not only optimize the whole process but also improve the quality of the final product.

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