As cases of coronavirus are rapidly increasing, it has become difficult for developing economies to survive. It is a struggle for them to lead their primary sector industries while the lockdown restrictions have to be implemented for social distancing. As they are more labor-oriented, it takes a toll on their revenue streams. Without advanced technology, it leaves them with various issues.

Food extrusion technology can help improve the economy of developing countries in numerous ways. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

1.    Lower costs
Covid-19 is here for a significant amount of time due to increased variants. It has created an immense crisis for developing countries by pushing them further into poverty and famine. As they don’t have enough resources, more people are dying because of hunger. Food extrusion can help make a million meals on a daily basis while keeping lower costs of fuel while cooking the food. Extrusion cooking completely cooks the food, cutting down on individual food preparation costs.

2.    Increased job opportunities
When the factories are set up with food and feed processing plants, following proper SOPs, it can create many jobs for local communities. Furthermore, the extrusion plant uses locally produced food ingredients combined together to form an extrudate that can be distributed and supplied to many people.

3.    Better food security
When people have food security, they can focus on other important aspects of life and help developing countries to overcome the economic crisis. Crime rates tend to reduce as well.

4.    Improvement in the local economy
Locally produced goods will allow for lesser imports and improve the local economy as most underprivileged people will have job security and food security at the same time.

5.    Better nutritional value
The extrudate is packed with a lot of nutrients which improve overall health. Starch, protein, vitamins and bioactive peptides provide more energy to the community to allow them to conduct their daily activities. It increases muscle growth and improves immunity which is essential during these unprecedented times.

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